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Why ... not?

There are times, we try our very best, to do something, to accomplish something, to get that special thing that we wanted so badly, but yet, “nothing” seems to be the reward we get, the only reward.

That, really breaks us apart.

It’s both disappointing and frustrating, and most of us chose to give up, to let go the hope and dream we once thirst for; to destroy all the efforts and hard work we all have put in; to forget that special thing we once aimed to achieve… And the worst? We lost our courage, which is the most important element that kept us going forward, to hang on to what we used to believe; to start another dream-achieving journey; to put in even the slightest effort on something else…

Many asked why; many said they’ve lost everything.

But the past is the past.

It’s perfectly normal that you’re being haunted by the failure in your past, so instead of asking yourself: “Why I should continue?” ask yourself: “Why shouldn’t I continue?”

Why not?” gives you a much clearer picture than just “Why”. And don’t ask what or how much you can get; instead, ask what you are you going to lose.


why not?



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