The A to Z of Friendship

What is a friend? Someone who...

A-accepts you as you are
B-believes in you
C-calls you just to say "Hi"
D-doesn't give up on you
E-envisions the whole of you(even parts-in-progress!)
F-forgives your mistakes
G-gives unconditionally
H-helps you
I-inspires you to be the best you can be
J-just happy to be with you
K-keeps you close at heart
L-loves you for who you are
M-makes a difference in your life
N-never judges
O-offers support
P-picks you up
Q-quiets your fears
R-raises your spirits
S-say nice things about you
T-tells you the truth when you need to hear it
U-understands you
V-values you
W-walks beside you
X-explains things you don't understand
Y-yells when you won't listen, and
Z-zaps you back to reality!!

Source - PEARL

Just something interesting I found from magazine. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Hehez.


Earth Hour

On 31 March 2007, 2.2 million people and 2100 Sydney businesses turned off their lights for one hour – they called it, the Earth Hour.

This massive collective effort reduced Sydney’s energy consumption by 10.2% for one hour, which is the equivalent effect of taking 48,000 cars off the road for one hour!

On year 2007, this is the Sydney's Earth Hour;
but on year 2008, it's going to become a global movement ---- The World's Earth Hour.

So, what exactly is Earth Hour? It is created to take a stand against the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for one hour to deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming.

This simple act has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. As a result, millions of people in some of the world’s major capital cities, including Copenhagen, Toronto, Chicago, Melbourne, Brisbane, Tel Aviv and Manila will unite and switch off for Earth Hour.
When? The date is 29th of March 2008, 8pm.

Here's a video about it:

Have it caught your mind yet?
Find out more about Earth Hour, by visiting its website:

Love our Earth. Save our Earth. =]


Birthday. A happy one.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Tan Yi Ren. X)

Nice birth date -- 23rd of Jan = 123
Find out more about him at here.


Japs funny's

Days lately are not as good as I expected... especially when Mr. Fever fell in love with you...
but that ain't the worst... yet.

Oh man I would die for a Hokkien Mee now .. (Hokkien Mee= a type of mee with prawn-based soup)...Hmm... I think I'm going to blog about Hokkien Mee in the future. I mean, why not? It's my favourite mee-type food afterall. Hahaz.

There is even a page about Hokkien Mee in Wikipedia. See it at
here X)

But there's always something to brighten up your day.
Yeah I mean it. Do you guys remember when is the last time you played games like tetris & bowling... Or relax on a massage chair?

Well, some Japanese just know how to do "old" things in an "new" way. Lolz.

Tetris.... ???
Have you ever played a tetris that looks like this?

Human Tetris
Okay if that's not fun enough, how about play it ALL by yourself?

Nice Massage Chair
Tired? Relax yourself with this "massage" chair. Lolz.
* Watch the whole video, it's getting better near the end. XD

Hope you guys had fun with, I know I did. Lolz.

~ 13

Fail Talk

Failure is not about discovered nothing in the end. But rather discovered something new in the end. Yes, you’ve heard me. Failing is learning.

So the next time when you heard one of your friends says that, “I’m a loser who lives in an unsuccessful life, I’ve failed millions of times in my life!!” instead of saying “Don’t be sad…”, you congrats him! Because he have learned millions of things in his so called “unsuccessful” life.

I mean, there is no such thing as a dead end. Every question has its answer, and every problem has its solution (or even solutionssssss). When solving a problem, it’s not about finding the solution, but it’s about choosing the correct or best solution.

There’s totally nothing wrong with failure. It depends how you take it as. For example, some take it as a “natural phenomenon” before success arrives; some take it as a form of encouragement; some just simply take it as a humiliation.

When you succeed, this mean you’ve learned the way that works, you’ve chosen the correct solution to solve the problem. You’ve learned something new, you’ve learned the way which is able to solve this particular problem.
When you failed, you discovered the way that does not work. You’ve learned that this is not the solution to this problem. In another words, you also learned something new.

Can you see the similarities between success and failure?
Yup, they both teach us something new, and we learned something from it.

So from now on, don’t fear failure, you should feel happy about it. You see, everyone can have a taste of success or failure.

In a nutshell,
Failure – a path/way,
Success – a destination



About Happiness, an easy one.

I’ve been reading some articles on the net, books and newspaper, erm, mainly focused on the theme of happy or happiness. Well, some of them really impressed me I would say.
They (the articles) really broadened my eyes, as well as my perspective, it really changes my way of looking at the world, and how I define the word Happy.

So that’s why I wrote this article, to share with you my opinion about happiness.
So, what’s happy? Happy can be anything, in any way, in any form. It can be a satisfaction in your life, your career, health, wealth or even relationship with others. It really depends. Well, for me:

“Your true happiness begins when you give happy a simple enough definition.”

Don’t get what I mean? Okay here’s an example. You wanted a raise in your salary, you understand this wasn’t going to happen just like that. So you set your goal -- Get a 20% raise from your boss within two months.

Let’s just say you’ve made it, you achieved your goal, and you’re of course happy. But, but, but ……how if your goal was just like this? ---- Getting a raise in salary within one month. The word “a raise” shows that there is no definite amount or percentage of raise; therefore it can be any amount. 20%, 10%, or even just 5% pay raise. You feel happy about it because you successfully get your pay raise and achieved your goal!

You see, everybody wants a happy life, an easy life, so why not we just make things easier? That’s what I’m trying to say when I said “give happy a simple enough definition”, in other words, it means set your goal or even goalssss within a more easy-to-reach zone. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to have no confident in yourself, but to achieve your goals easier, faster, and feel happy easier, faster.

People who live happily have more power to reach his life’s higher and bigger goals, and then achieve another goal, and another one, and another, and another ………

Get what I mean now?

Be happy.


Two double eggie eight~!


Happy Happy New Year !!!

Whew~ What a year....
Seriously, year o7' wasn't as bad as I expected...
I mean with all those exam pressure...
it actually turn out to be a fun+ unforgettable year... After all, it's graduation year and surely many perpisahan happens right...

Actually I've imagined before what exactly I'll be doing during 1st of January of year 08' ... well, although it's abit "out" from what I've imagined.... but one thing I did managed to get it right... And yeah, I feel very very excited about zero-eight!!!

(seriously, my face was nothing like this. lolz)

So guys, are ya'all ready for this whole new year?

I'm sure 08' will be bloody rockin' fun!!

( better be.... X) .... )


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