Noticed something few days ago.

Look at this.


okay you know what this sign means right?

Now take a look at this.



look at this again:


noticed any similarities?

Yea, what I'm trying to show is, the percentage sign kind of looks like a fraction of zero-zero.

I wonder if this is where the percentage sign came from. Lolz.



One question:

Use only ONE word to relate Egyptian & Mother.




The answer is Mummy.


Let's try another one.

Piano & Lock






Answer : KEY (there are KEYs on a piano, and you use a KEY to open locks)

Interesting huh?


You see, "Mummy" and "Key" are what we called Homograph.

It's a word which have two or more meanings, but it is always spelled the same. Eg: the word "tank" can be used in "army tank", or "water tank", both with same spelling, but different meanings.

Credit goes to Dr. Pascale Michelon who created this. =]



No, I'm not talking about the padang rumput thingy pasture. What I mean by Pas-ture here is Past & Future, which when we combine both words, we get Pas-ture. ^^ .. (.... -____-)

Let's talk about Past first.

Past, would be a massive collection of yesterday; It is the source of our memory; It is the today of our future. In reality, we are always in the losing of our "now" to our past. In fact, each and every second we are having right now is becoming a past.

Now let's talk about futures.

We are living in a world filled with unknown, we live and breathe every single day, for our future. The never-ending search for future started light years ago, however, future never comes - there is always a future. We are never going to 'reach' the future.

Day and night we live with the everlasting embracement of past and future.
How far is our past? How far is our future?
Past and future prison our heart.

Which past happened for our future? Which future happens because of our past?
Past is unchangeable, Future is unpredictable
Past is a truth, future is a belief.

Past is embellished by tears, Future is embraced by fear.
Future will be the past, Past was once the future.

Tomorrow is the day after tomorrow of yesterday.


Observation test

Damn this is really good test.
It tests your observation and attention skill.

You all really HAVE to TRY it

Here's what it is:

There are 2 teams - black & white

All you have to do is count the number of ball passes made by the WHITE team.

(answer is in the video)

Understand why I said Damn now?



oh well... exam it is.

Exam's on tomorrow.

Wish me luck everybody. X)

All the best to others too~!


Random o-m-g photos - Translation in China

err... well...

I've heard a lot about the "unique" translations in China, and these are .... well... erm....

okay, I really do understand what "Direct Translation" mean now... XD


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