Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry X'mas~

Heyaz everybody,

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas!!!

Hahaz... It's Christmas day, I'm sure everybody is having fun in this warm andjoyous day. How's your Christmas celebration and parties? Me myself did have a lots offuns with my friends, hehez.

We live in a internet age, having overseas friends are very common. So, I would like to list down some ways to say Merry Christmas in foreign languages. Enjoy everybody!!! =]

Antarctica: - Merry Christmas, Felices Pasquas, Hristos Razdajetsja
Argentina: - Feliz Navidad!
Australia: - Happy Christmas
Austria: - Frohe Weihnachten

Bangladesh: - Shuvo Baro Din
Barbados: - Merry Christmas
Belarus: - Winshuyu sa Svyatkami
Belgium: - Zalig Kerstfeest
Brazil: - Feliz Natal

Chile: - Feliz Navidad China Sheng Tan Kuai Loh
Colombia: - Feliz Navidad para todos
Chile: - Feliz Navidad China Sheng Tan Kuai Loh
Croatia: - Sretan Bozic
Cuba: - Feliz Navidad
Cyprus: - Eftihismena Christougenna, Noeliniz kutlu olsun ve yeni yili
Czech Republic: - Vesele Vanoce

Democratic People's Republic of Korea: - Sung Tan Chuk Ha
Denmark: - Glaedelig Jul

Egypt: - Mboni Chrismen
El Salvador: - Feliz Navidad

Fiji: - Merry Christmas
Finland: - Hauskaa Joulua
France: - Joyeux Noel

Guatemala: - Feliz Navidad
Guinea: - Joyeux Noel
Guinea-bissau: - Boas Festas
Guyana: - Merry Christmas

Ireland: - Nollaig Shona dhuit
Israel: - Mo'adim Lesimkha
Italy: - Buon Natale

Mexico: - Feliz Navidad
Monaco: - Joyeux Noel
Montserrat: - Merry Christmas
Morocco: - Mboni Chrismen
Mozambique: - Boas Festas

Netherlands: - Prettige Kerstdagen
Norway: - Gledelig Jul

Oman: - Mboni Chrismen

Pakistan: - Bara Din Mubarrak Ho
Palau: - Merry Christmas
Panama: - Feliz Navidad

Tunisia: - Mboni Chrismen
Turkey: - Mutlu Noeller
Turks and Caicos Islands: - Happy Christmas
Tamil(Indian) Christmas vazhthukkal

Zambia: - Happy Christmas
Zimbabwe: - Happy Christmas

(Credits to christmas4all)

Anyone received presents from Santa? ^^

Uncensored pollination = Plants' porn

Yeah no kidding; now plant have their very own pornography. Thanks to this guy --- Jonathon Keats. He is an American conceptual artist, well, a pretty good one I would say.
You see, he did copyright his own mind back in the year of 2003, claiming that his mind was a sculpture he created. Moreover, during the year of 2000, which is when this guy made his first debut in San Francisco, he sat in a chair and thought for twenty-four hours. Sounds like nothing’s special right? Well, he actually did that with a female model posing nude in front of him. (I wonder if the model fell asleep that time. Lolz.) But this guy was best known for trying to genetically engineer God in a petri dish. O_O

This guy then started another …well… rather weird project, and that is, to introduce cinema to the plant kingdom and to entertain plants. As we know, plants are sensitive to light, and the cinema we human used to watch movies are actually using the concepts of light. Keats wanted to make a movie for plants. Thus he decided to make a film to project on their leaves so they can absorb it, rather than let them watch it ( do plants actually have eyes? O_O).

"I knew enough about their reproduction process to make an educated guess at what might titillate them and that was pollination," Keats says.

Therefore, he filmed a six-minute long video of plants’ uncensored pollination. He then edited his uncensored footage into a gritty black and white porn video. And there it is, world’s first plant porn movie ---- Cinema Botanica. (This is what Keats named it)

Okay, but what does a typical plant porn looks like?

No, definitely not this one....




it actually looks like this :

-____- Yupz, this is it.

Okay as an ending for this post... I give you... World's First Plant Porn.....

Cinema Botanica ~!

....'s trailer.... = =

I am pretty sure you have the same feeling with me after watching the video. It’s dead boring.

"It is very boring but that is part of the essence of pornography, that it is very repetitive," says Keats.

Whatever you say Keats... whatever you say...

Lolz. Stay tuned for my next post. Do subscribe me if you found this site(blog) is interesting. =] Peace.

Sing! My dear ....road

I was going to have oatmeal for breakfast this morning, the instant one, so I just need to add some hot water to it, and it is ready to serve. Sounds easy right? But things don’t always go the way you expected. -____- Okay, I was pouring some hot water…….okok, I mean a lots of water, then the whole oat thingy became…err…. watery and totally dilute.
If you’re me, what would you do? I don’t about you guys but what I did is I add in more oats into the bowl of diluted-oat-thingy, and then I stir….. then I add some more… and more ….more…. then more water … and water… and oat…. and water … and oat….

The final product?
I guess I’ll stop here about the oats…..

(I ate it anyway. lolz)

Okay now change the focus on my breakfast to Japan. Lolz.

In Japan, “Melody Roads” were actually successfully built. A team from the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute made it happened.

Basically, these interesting roads produce sound by using the vehicles such as cars and motorcycles as tuning fork. The concept works by using grooves, which are cut at very specific intervals in the road surface. Just as traveling over small speed bumps or road markings can emit a rumbling tone throughout a vehicle, the melody road uses the spaces between to create different notes. Interesting eh?

Depending on how far apart the grooves are, a car moving over them will produce a series of high or low notes, enabling cunning designers to create a distinct tune.
Motorcyclists now have a new way to entertain themselves. Lolz.

Oh ya final info, the vehicles need to be at the right speed for best results, otherwise it will either sounds like a fast-forward or a Mr.Snail's crawling.

Okay enough of the explanation. Sight is the best explanation. ^^ Here’s a video about it :

Well.. it does sounds abit like ... you know.... farting music.... Hahaz.

Serve your Nation -- National Service

I’m not chosen for the National Service. Lucky me eh? I’m not quite sure how the choosing of trainees was carry out, randomly maybe?
Some of my friends are chosen for NS. Well, good thing or not, it depends.

For you guys who doesn’t have a clue what National Service is, it is actually a government service program participated by male or with female of a country, usually at the age of 18. This program mostly focuses on military service. In Malaysia, the NS is also known as the Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PKLN), which its aim is to instill the spirit of patriotism into the heart of the younger generations. Form 5 school leavers are chosen randomly ( I’m not quite sure whether “random” is the right word ~_^ ) to participate in NS.

Below are some of the opinions I’ve got from my NS-chosen friends. It seems like there are positives, and of course negatives too. Due to the privacy right of my buddies (and to preventing them from getting any trouble, lolz), no names will be mention.
Okay, let’s have a look on the opinions and reactions :
1) Yeah! It’s fun kay!
2) Oh man… My schedules were ruined….
3) Aiya…. cincai lar….
4) Hmm… I’m sure it’ll be a great experience
5) 3 months man! THREE MONTHS!!!!
6) Stay tuned for my slim + fit body and my wonderful tanned skin 3 months later!

( yeah right Mr. Macho -___- )

Many asked me what’s the way to avoid it. Well, it seems like there are no legal ways to avoid NS, except for serious medical reasons and educational purposes, but that usually just gives you the ticket to shorten your period of service.

Okay when there’s pros there’s cons, right? I mean, let’s face it, since the official launch of Malaysia’s National Service, problems have been happening ENDLESSLY. Let’s just don’t talk about the minor problems such as its “tasty-licious” food and “fragrence-like” toilets (heard from my friends), the major problems in NS are fatal. Security and cleanliness are still very walao eh. Let’s look at some trainees fatalities during the period of serving NS.

Ili Ameera Azlan, 17, died on 18th January was attached to the Ayer Keroh, Melaka camp after suffering breathing difficulties. The parents were paid RM 35,000.
1 March 2007 P. Prema from Kajang, Selangor, attached to the Kisana Beach Resort Camp, Kelantan was found unconscious in a toilet at Jeram Linang (0230 hours). She was taken to the Tengku Anis Hospital where she was pronounced dead.
3 September 2007, Mohd Rafi Ameer, 18, died at 10.30pm after having fever for 1 week. Rafi called his sister and telling her that he had fever and that his leg had been swollen for nearly a week after he fell during training. Rafi death making a total of 20 death case in the National Service training camps since 2004.

Nurul Ashikin Karino, 17, died on 14th May at the Han Sui, Tawau, Sabah camp. Karino Jalani (father of the deceased) claimed that he was not allowed to meet his daughter who fell and was injured as part of a training accident
S. Theresa Pauline, 17, died on June 11th was attached to the Karisma Camp, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. She was admitted to the hospital on May 23rd after having fits. Her death was attributed to viral meningoencephaliti. Her father, S. Sarimuthu was paid RM 32,000

Awang Mohd Fazil Awang Borhan, 17, Died on April 23 was attached to the Simalajau Camp, Bintulu, Sarawak. He was swimming with 36 other trainees at Sungai Cina, Matang, Kuching, Sarawak.
T. Saravana, 18, attached to the Ethnobotany Camp, Gua Musang, Kelantan. The trainee from 1614A Hospital Quarters, Taiping, Perak drowned while picknicking at Sungai Taman Wangi, Gua Musang, about 3 kilometres from his camp, with 250 trainees and 10 trainers.

Info Source – Wikipedia

So what’s with the NS? What things do we actually earn? The first thing you are going to earn is the RM300 pay, (or salary? Or compensate?.... Whatever~ ). Seriously, one will surely get some new friends, or even best buddies in there. Maybe it’s because they’ve went through the “hard times” together. Lolz. One will definitely too, learn the way of living harmony with others. And last but not least, one’s body will become fitter and about the skin color…. Well… you know…. Mr. Africa. -_____ -

To my friends or whoever is going to the National Service, I wish you all the best and have fun there!


Sook sun wan gerd ~!

Stop with your confusing look. lolz.
sook sun wan gerd actually means Happy Birthday in Thai.

More confused why?

No I'm not from Thailand, and no, I'm not learning Thai language.

Okay okay here's why :
The 79 years old Thailand's King turns 80 in December and celebration is all around Thailand!

I would like to say sook sun wan gerd (happy birthday) to :

His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej

(which is pronounced 'Phumiphon Adunyadet')

Honey, I'm home ~

yeayea I am back. =]

First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating for such a long time. (Well... if you consider six months is a long time)
Okay, about the questions you guys been asking about , I’ll answer as much as possible now.
And to make things easier, I’ll do this in a Q & A style :

1) Where on Earth have you been?
Well… just like what you’ve said, on Earth, of course. Where else can I be? Hahaz

2) What are you doing in the past six months?
Erm… Listen to favorite songs, hang out with my friends, fill up my stomach with delicious food sleep, and study. (?!) (yea yea study, I was having my SPM that time ya’know, but hey, it’s over now. Lolz )

3) Why don’t you update your blog in the past few months?
Uhm… errr….well…. I am updating it now, right? ... so…. =)

4) What’s your opinion on the nuclear program of Iran?

5) Okay you're updating now, but will you update it frequently in the future?
I won’t say everyday, but yeah, I’ll update as often as possible since I’m free now. (Don’t get me wrong, even if I’m not free, I’ll still try my best not to let spiders build their webs here.) =)

Okay, enough for now. Stay tuned on my next post. ~_^


Check it ouTz

For those who "work" as a student in Malaysia,

I've put some websites related to further studies on the right-hand side of this page.
Check it out_!

Hope it helps XD

today's bukit bendera climbing was quite ok.
The only thing that was not quite ok, is that I got disqualified. = =
It is because..... I forgot to bring my participant number...( what an idiot...)
Haha well is just some bonus mark so its ok... I did manage to finish the race though. haha.

Current feeling : Tired
Current decision : take a loooong nice nap.



appre_ci_ate Zzz

Well let’s say now is the time for the last episode of your favourite drama or movie. Will you be more excited and anticipated about it?

Do you guys realize? Many people will only appreciate every moment of the episode when it is the last.

Not just that, many of us always appreciate something with our heart when something comes to an end, no matter what it is. Like the Earth, centuries ago, no human being (or maybe very few) were worried about the depletion of energy and the negative effects of destruction to the Earth.
That’s human. When it comes to an end or last, only will us appreciate it and take it seriously. Let’s talk about some example: We would spend the last dollar longer compare to the last hundred, we would appreciate someone when he or she is leaving us, and we would truly understand that our life is precious when we are breathing our last.

So, stop all the ignorance now, and start appreciating. (Well, none of us wants to feel the bitter of regret, right? ^^ )


Arts... of martial

Huu~ It’s been long time since my last update, kind of busy though. Hehe. Lately kind of into arts, well don’t get shock, what I mean is the martial arts. XD

From friends, I learned a bit bit bit bit of basic of the basic moves (under controlled situation though…haha…), well different people are interested in different martial arts. Like my friends, kelv is akido, jy is shaolin, and wx is tai chi,

and others with karate, judo and taekwondo.
So what’s my favourite?

Well since there are ju”do”, taekwon”do” and aki”do”,

I would prefer thirteen"do". XD


cOoL sTUfF_iEzz

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New stuff_iezZ

Hey everybody!!

I added a search toolbar at the bottom of this page, therefore you all can have direct search from my site.

It was powered by Google. You can search for any information you want, just type in the key words of your search and a new window will pop up to show your search results.

Take a look and have a try! Hope you all have fun with it! ^^


~ Peace ~ in fam

Peace. Well, it is a simple word, but if u asks me what it means, I would just look straight into your eyes and say, "I don't know".

So, what actually is peace? How do we define peace?

Let's see... uhm... a state of harmony? The absence of hostility? When no wars are happening? Or is it when silence is all around? .... Is it because of it sounds like "piece", so if we stay in one piece then it means we are having peace?....
Well, I don’t really feel like want to talk about international violence or wars ( I am not a political type of guy), in fact I think I am not qualified yet to talk or critic about international conflict issues. So what am I going to talk about? Well, peace do
esn’t just happen internationally; in fact I would prefer talk about peace in families…

Does peace and harmony really exist in families? Even in families with family members of different personalities and attitude? No matter how long a family had lost the presence of conflict, fight or maybe violence, it would just happen again. Over and over again, then when is the real harmony state is reached? Well, for me, it seems like peace in families are impossible. We often heard that a fight might be a good way to improve one’s relationship with another, if that’s so, what for the world today so thirst about peace?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “There is no way to peace, peace is the way”, envisioning peace is a process, not a target or aim.

~ Well, for me, eternal peace is just nonsense. ~

Pursuit of Happ'Y'ness

Yesterday I went redbox to sing with my great band friends. Wei zheng, chye guan, vincent, and another guy?? Haha cg's friend I think so, lolz.... So sad that the numbers of "singers" present is lesser than expected.... Well we still had lots of fun there.. Hehe....
Sing lots of songs there.. It was a bom! ... Haha we all have a lots of fun there. We sing, we shout, we screeeaamm~ ... Lolz ...
Actually, its not about the place or the song or the karaoke that gives me lots of fun, it was friends that made me enjoy that moment sooooo much!
Thanks guyz ~ !

Hmm... Later on I went for a movie with one of my best friend. Heard that GSC was having a fire???? (not quite sure) ... Haha but luckily the room for our movie still "movieable". The movie is ------ Pursuit of Happ'Y'ness, starring Will Smith. Well, when you see the name Will Smith, are you expecting a funny, hilarous comedy? Think again~ It's a touching, inspiring, tears-stimulating movie.
The story was about a guy named Chris trying his best to stay alive in his harsh life. Although his wife left him, he doesnt give up himself nor his 5 years-old son, Christopher.
All the touching scene, how he hold on, together with his understanding son will surely touches your heart. The true meaning of Happiness.....



_______ W e l c o m e _______
All the sadness will be forgotten
All the madness will be arisen
All the tears will be dried
All the fears will be melted
My blog, my thoughts, my feelings, my opinion, my mind, my dream, my heart ....
Haha hope that everything goes well here.....
Welcome to my world... World of Thirteen.....

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