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Well let’s say now is the time for the last episode of your favourite drama or movie. Will you be more excited and anticipated about it?

Do you guys realize? Many people will only appreciate every moment of the episode when it is the last.

Not just that, many of us always appreciate something with our heart when something comes to an end, no matter what it is. Like the Earth, centuries ago, no human being (or maybe very few) were worried about the depletion of energy and the negative effects of destruction to the Earth.
That’s human. When it comes to an end or last, only will us appreciate it and take it seriously. Let’s talk about some example: We would spend the last dollar longer compare to the last hundred, we would appreciate someone when he or she is leaving us, and we would truly understand that our life is precious when we are breathing our last.

So, stop all the ignorance now, and start appreciating. (Well, none of us wants to feel the bitter of regret, right? ^^ )


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