Reminder - Earth Hour

Everybody, remember Earth Hour?
I've mention it in a post in the past. In case you haven't read it, please click
here .

I just wanted to remind you guys about its date - 29th of March, 2008.
which is only 3 days to go.



p a t r i c k said...

i think yr parents will kill ya if u turn off the lights for an hour later.. haha

Anonymous said...

Stop using water and electricity for a second.

M!K@3L said...

i was working at tat time...=='''

Anonymous said...

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imin said...

if u're not thirteen than how old r u? :P

winter said...

blog hopping..
^^"!it is hard to find a chatbox from this blog==
anyway..leave a comment to you..
nice blog u did..

winter said...

ur welcome.. your classmate..
u dono me..coz i less talkingwith other ppl in the class.. jz looking around...
and saw u have a blog..^^
check out what news here..

have a nice day^^

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