About Point of View

In many times we see things with only one point of view - ourself.
But the truth is, every single thing in this world has unlimited ways of seeing it.

That's why angles exist;
That's why degree exists;
That's why directions exist;
That's why reality is in 3-Dimensional.
(Okay, I was just joking about this one. -__-)

Okay, here's something which is quite interesting:

Take a good look at these two pictures of Mona Lisa.

Have you noticed anything? Differences? Strange?


Now look at these two.

(It's the SAME picture as above, turn your monitor/ your head upside down if you still don't believe me.)

(Source: www.exploratorium.edu)

Get it now?
You see, Mona Lisa is a masterpiece, which, we could recognize it at first glance - even it is turned upside down.
But the thing is, we're not familiar with an vertically-inverted Mona Lisa. In other words, we're not familiar with an upside-down point of view. Seeing things in different point of view really does affects our thoughts and decisions, right?

Different things may look the same at a certain point - but the truth is, it's not.

~Deep apologies to Leonardo da Vinci for the desecration of his masterpiece~



Anonymous said...


Blessed Kierran said...

hahahaha.. so cute..
hey kw if ppl doent know u dey probably dun think dat u r 18..
birthday is on tml... ^^

CHAO YU said...

oh no..i duno u like maths so much...lol..
But i hate it..so weak in it..hehe

p a t r i c k said...

applause to u dude~
haha.. u reali. im speechless

Thirteen said...

Replies :

kevin >> coll down man, nah the way i presented it is SO obvious k. lolz.

bk >> har.. so old ar.. hehez..

chao yu >> comment on wrong post? O_O hehez, thx for da comment anywayz. ^^

patrick >> what? what??? @_@


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