About Newton's Third Law

Note: This is NOT about physics or mathematics.

Lex III: Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem: sive corporum duorum actiones in se mutuo semper esse æquales et in partes contrarias dirigi.
Newton's third law (Law of reciprocal actions) states that all forces occur in pairs, and these two forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.

~Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, Sir Isaac Newton

In other words,
Every action has its equal opposing force(s).

Including you and me.

You see, for everything you're seriously bad in, you will possess something that you're extremely good with. In fact, the degree of "Good" and "Bad" in that particular thing is equal.

This mean, the more bad you are in field A, the better you are in field B.

So guys, don't be disappointed or give up when you found out that you're so poor in doing something, or even being the worst in that particular thing, because that just means you're the best in something else, which you may or may not discover yet.

The worse implies the best.



Blessed Kierran said...

woah!! impressive!!!

DwizarD said...

good comes along with bad
bad comes along with good
That's why someone who won the lottery would die very fast :O

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