Noticed something few days ago.

Look at this.


okay you know what this sign means right?

Now take a look at this.



look at this again:


noticed any similarities?

Yea, what I'm trying to show is, the percentage sign kind of looks like a fraction of zero-zero.

I wonder if this is where the percentage sign came from. Lolz.



Chrizto-B™ said...

hoi.. i tagged you.. sorry ya..
kinda lame.. but im bored

Anonymous said...

mayb u r right!!!

my blog...hehehe

cn i link u aaa?

Chester Chin said...

Hii...its me again, Chester Chin.

Well you probably would have forgotten...but just to refresh your memory I was the student writer for 'The Star'

Just decided to hop on to your blog for a while.

Until then, take care! :D

foong said...

weh~ abit lame ler XD

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