Pursuit of Happ'Y'ness

Yesterday I went redbox to sing with my great band friends. Wei zheng, chye guan, vincent, and another guy?? Haha cg's friend I think so, lolz.... So sad that the numbers of "singers" present is lesser than expected.... Well we still had lots of fun there.. Hehe....
Sing lots of songs there.. It was a bom! ... Haha we all have a lots of fun there. We sing, we shout, we screeeaamm~ ... Lolz ...
Actually, its not about the place or the song or the karaoke that gives me lots of fun, it was friends that made me enjoy that moment sooooo much!
Thanks guyz ~ !

Hmm... Later on I went for a movie with one of my best friend. Heard that GSC was having a fire???? (not quite sure) ... Haha but luckily the room for our movie still "movieable". The movie is ------ Pursuit of Happ'Y'ness, starring Will Smith. Well, when you see the name Will Smith, are you expecting a funny, hilarous comedy? Think again~ It's a touching, inspiring, tears-stimulating movie.
The story was about a guy named Chris trying his best to stay alive in his harsh life. Although his wife left him, he doesnt give up himself nor his 5 years-old son, Christopher.
All the touching scene, how he hold on, together with his understanding son will surely touches your heart. The true meaning of Happiness.....


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