Honey, I'm home ~

yeayea I am back. =]

First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating for such a long time. (Well... if you consider six months is a long time)
Okay, about the questions you guys been asking about , I’ll answer as much as possible now.
And to make things easier, I’ll do this in a Q & A style :

1) Where on Earth have you been?
Well… just like what you’ve said, on Earth, of course. Where else can I be? Hahaz

2) What are you doing in the past six months?
Erm… Listen to favorite songs, hang out with my friends, fill up my stomach with delicious food sleep, and study. (?!) (yea yea study, I was having my SPM that time ya’know, but hey, it’s over now. Lolz )

3) Why don’t you update your blog in the past few months?
Uhm… errr….well…. I am updating it now, right? ... so…. =)

4) What’s your opinion on the nuclear program of Iran?

5) Okay you're updating now, but will you update it frequently in the future?
I won’t say everyday, but yeah, I’ll update as often as possible since I’m free now. (Don’t get me wrong, even if I’m not free, I’ll still try my best not to let spiders build their webs here.) =)

Okay, enough for now. Stay tuned on my next post. ~_^



rainy小雨 said...

i am the first one to leave u a comment...

for those ques n answer leh...
a bit swt lah...
but c u wrote so long for those...
me ah hor clap clap hand for u lah...

spm is over~!!!
party time!!!

p/s = ohya, i like ur background piano~~~

Chung said...

no bad ya...
spm jz overed already come n update ur blog...
your Q&A is ur friend asked u or u think yourself??

- Thirteen - said...

thx ah hor

- Thirteen - said...

To chung:
haha really friends asked one

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