Sing! My dear ....road

I was going to have oatmeal for breakfast this morning, the instant one, so I just need to add some hot water to it, and it is ready to serve. Sounds easy right? But things don’t always go the way you expected. -____- Okay, I was pouring some hot water…….okok, I mean a lots of water, then the whole oat thingy became…err…. watery and totally dilute.
If you’re me, what would you do? I don’t about you guys but what I did is I add in more oats into the bowl of diluted-oat-thingy, and then I stir….. then I add some more… and more ….more…. then more water … and water… and oat…. and water … and oat….

The final product?
I guess I’ll stop here about the oats…..

(I ate it anyway. lolz)

Okay now change the focus on my breakfast to Japan. Lolz.

In Japan, “Melody Roads” were actually successfully built. A team from the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute made it happened.

Basically, these interesting roads produce sound by using the vehicles such as cars and motorcycles as tuning fork. The concept works by using grooves, which are cut at very specific intervals in the road surface. Just as traveling over small speed bumps or road markings can emit a rumbling tone throughout a vehicle, the melody road uses the spaces between to create different notes. Interesting eh?

Depending on how far apart the grooves are, a car moving over them will produce a series of high or low notes, enabling cunning designers to create a distinct tune.
Motorcyclists now have a new way to entertain themselves. Lolz.

Oh ya final info, the vehicles need to be at the right speed for best results, otherwise it will either sounds like a fast-forward or a Mr.Snail's crawling.

Okay enough of the explanation. Sight is the best explanation. ^^ Here’s a video about it :

Well.. it does sounds abit like ... you know.... farting music.... Hahaz.


kevin said...

that's not music. that's noise -.-
anyway where's ur cbox?

- Thirteen - said...

it's a music I would say, bcz it has different pitches.

abt the cbox, well I kinda removed it, maybe will add it later.

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