About Happiness, an easy one.

I’ve been reading some articles on the net, books and newspaper, erm, mainly focused on the theme of happy or happiness. Well, some of them really impressed me I would say.
They (the articles) really broadened my eyes, as well as my perspective, it really changes my way of looking at the world, and how I define the word Happy.

So that’s why I wrote this article, to share with you my opinion about happiness.
So, what’s happy? Happy can be anything, in any way, in any form. It can be a satisfaction in your life, your career, health, wealth or even relationship with others. It really depends. Well, for me:

“Your true happiness begins when you give happy a simple enough definition.”

Don’t get what I mean? Okay here’s an example. You wanted a raise in your salary, you understand this wasn’t going to happen just like that. So you set your goal -- Get a 20% raise from your boss within two months.

Let’s just say you’ve made it, you achieved your goal, and you’re of course happy. But, but, but ……how if your goal was just like this? ---- Getting a raise in salary within one month. The word “a raise” shows that there is no definite amount or percentage of raise; therefore it can be any amount. 20%, 10%, or even just 5% pay raise. You feel happy about it because you successfully get your pay raise and achieved your goal!

You see, everybody wants a happy life, an easy life, so why not we just make things easier? That’s what I’m trying to say when I said “give happy a simple enough definition”, in other words, it means set your goal or even goalssss within a more easy-to-reach zone. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to have no confident in yourself, but to achieve your goals easier, faster, and feel happy easier, faster.

People who live happily have more power to reach his life’s higher and bigger goals, and then achieve another goal, and another one, and another, and another ………

Get what I mean now?

Be happy.



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