Japs funny's

Days lately are not as good as I expected... especially when Mr. Fever fell in love with you...
but that ain't the worst... yet.

Oh man I would die for a Hokkien Mee now .. (Hokkien Mee= a type of mee with prawn-based soup)...Hmm... I think I'm going to blog about Hokkien Mee in the future. I mean, why not? It's my favourite mee-type food afterall. Hahaz.

There is even a page about Hokkien Mee in Wikipedia. See it at
here X)

But there's always something to brighten up your day.
Yeah I mean it. Do you guys remember when is the last time you played games like tetris & bowling... Or relax on a massage chair?

Well, some Japanese just know how to do "old" things in an "new" way. Lolz.

Tetris.... ???
Have you ever played a tetris that looks like this?

Human Tetris
Okay if that's not fun enough, how about play it ALL by yourself?

Nice Massage Chair
Tired? Relax yourself with this "massage" chair. Lolz.
* Watch the whole video, it's getting better near the end. XD

Hope you guys had fun with, I know I did. Lolz.

~ 13


Anonymous said...

uncle..your video funny lar..

- Thirteen - said...


May I know who you are?

blackyyangzz said...

the 1st one really sweat haha...

the last one...lols....pity those guys...haha...


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