Fail Talk

Failure is not about discovered nothing in the end. But rather discovered something new in the end. Yes, you’ve heard me. Failing is learning.

So the next time when you heard one of your friends says that, “I’m a loser who lives in an unsuccessful life, I’ve failed millions of times in my life!!” instead of saying “Don’t be sad…”, you congrats him! Because he have learned millions of things in his so called “unsuccessful” life.

I mean, there is no such thing as a dead end. Every question has its answer, and every problem has its solution (or even solutionssssss). When solving a problem, it’s not about finding the solution, but it’s about choosing the correct or best solution.

There’s totally nothing wrong with failure. It depends how you take it as. For example, some take it as a “natural phenomenon” before success arrives; some take it as a form of encouragement; some just simply take it as a humiliation.

When you succeed, this mean you’ve learned the way that works, you’ve chosen the correct solution to solve the problem. You’ve learned something new, you’ve learned the way which is able to solve this particular problem.
When you failed, you discovered the way that does not work. You’ve learned that this is not the solution to this problem. In another words, you also learned something new.

Can you see the similarities between success and failure?
Yup, they both teach us something new, and we learned something from it.

So from now on, don’t fear failure, you should feel happy about it. You see, everyone can have a taste of success or failure.

In a nutshell,
Failure – a path/way,
Success – a destination



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